My Philosophy

What's the one thing money can't buy?  Time.

Time is fleeting, and we soon forget what our baby belly looks like, our newborn loses their squishy sleepiness, our baby loses their sweet rolls, and our toddler quickly grows into a child.  While I can't stop the changes that come with each day for your baby or your family, I can freeze some of those special moments in time, and provide you with beautiful images that you can look back on.  Photography is so special, because it truly captures moments, as well as the memories that go along with them.

About Me

I'm a mother of two little ones and I love being a mother more than anything.  Becoming a mother is why Ella Marie Photography exists today.  When I had my daughter, I was (and still am!) so enamoured with her and wanted to capture every single moment of her life.  I realized that a baby changes so quickly, especially in their first year of life, and I wanted to freeze whatever moments in time that I could.  

I feel that photography is truly an art and I approach every session differently, working with my clients to cater to their specific expectations, hoping to leave them with lasting memories of the session with their portraits.  I do believe that photography is a self expression as well, and I hope that my individuality appears in my work.  I found my style really organically, and though it evolves over time, I try to keep my portraits clean and simple so that they reflect the moment in its purest sense, as it happened.  

This is what inspires me every session.  This is the reason that I love what I do.  And I would love to photograph your special moments and be your photographer.  Please contact me at info@ellamariephotography.com to book your session and capture some memories with me.

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