Erika and Chris' Family Session - Ella Marie Photography - Waterloo, Kitchener, Baden, Ontario Family Photographer

I love the fall season!  I love wearing my boots, my scarves, pumpkins in general, and I definitely bring out the fall scented candles and make my house smell like Bath and Body Works.  

I love the leaves too, but not nearly as much as this little guy did!  Seriously, he LOVED them.  He held onto a leaf pretty much at all times during our session, and was fascinated by it twirling around in his tiny fingers.  And throwing them around in the air was just magical to him!

He was such a sweetheart, so happy to play and have his photo taken, and his parents were super doting on him, and happy to throw some leaves around too.  Erika and Chris are such a lovely couple, and I absolutely loved this session!